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Our Mission is to increase the profitability of our hospitality partners.

Our Converged Infrastructure solution is designed specifically to increase hotel profitability by:


  1. Reducing expenses and improving security
  2. Increasing guest satisfaction, retention, and loyalty
  3. Generating new Revenue Streams


Each of our features addresses one or more of the above three objectives.


“Hospitality’s managed-technology partner”

How do we increase profits?

Our solution is the single best value for next-generation hospitality telecommunications (and more) on the market.


    • Provides significant Cap-Ex reduction on telecom/PBX upgrades.  Often for less than half the cost of upgrading their legacy system due to end-of-life hardware and software, our hotels enjoy a new, next-generation solution that can convert their telecommunications line item from a cost-burden to profit-center.


    • Provides significant Op-Ex reduction on monthly telecom expenses.  Yes, true enterprise VoIP systems now provide the same quality of service (QoS) as the older traditional PSTN network, but this was not the case even 2 or 3 years ago.  As an operating CLEC, we have operating agreements and network priority with all major network infrastructure providers in North America, ensuring our network has traffic priority and meets voice carrier standards.


    • Increases guest satisfaction by enabling free calls within North America, extremely low international rates, and free-features such as on-demand conferencing, voice-mail to email, three-way (+) calling, and our Mobile Virtual Phone (MVP) App, which combine to make their stay easier, more enjoyable, and memorable.


    • Improves guest security by providing an industry leading E911 capability, which alerts and informs staff and responders of the specific room location of each 911 call placed.  Our system also permits direct ’9-1-1′ calling from any phone, without having to dial the normal ’9 for outside line’ calling.


    • Has a strong road-map of revenue generating features such as targeted time, location, and guest-specific hotel-specific ads to engage guests and encourage more on-premise time and spending.

Why get Cirious?

To increase your profits.

We are a hospitality partner — we team with each property and engage for the long run.  We do not sell our solution and move on.  Our staff of hospitality veterans, business development gurus, and technical experts sole intent is to create new features that will increase the profits of hotels.


We listen, predict, and respond to the needs of:


  • Our partner properties — to assure we are meeting their current and future needs
  • Industry — working to co-define Hospitality 2.0
  • Guests — ALL guests, and specifically Millennials who are the future of hospitality revenue

Why are we better?

Let us count (some of) the ways…

  1. Our solution:is comprehensive and optimized for hospitality because it is designed from the ground up (to the cloud) exclusively for the hospitality industry, it is HTNG compliant, and leading the definition of Hospitality 2.0. Our secure, risk-reduced implementation includes a feature-parity foundation phase requiring no changes to collateral materials, minimal staff training, and easy to implement new features enabling a property to grow revenues at their desired pace.


  1. PMS Integration:we seamlessly interconnect with your Property Management System (PMS). Our PMS interface is certified with most PMS vendors, and our system is designed to interface with any PMS – guaranteed!



  1. Methodology:Our phased, risk-reduced implementation.  We have a phased integration methodology which keeps the hotel in full control of the process from start to finish as service is transitioned from the legacy system.  At no time are there phone outages, PMS downtime, or guest impact. We phase-in a feature parity service that behaves exactly as the legacy system. The legacy system may remain in place throughout and turned down only when the property is ready.  Once the foundation is set, we work with the property to open new features when the hotel is ready.


  1. Reliability: Our multi-level redundancy Providences the highest service availability in the industry. Our Converged Infrastructure system is both cloud and premise based, providing a robust best-of-both system that is unmatched for security, availability, and feature growth. We combine the ease of maintenance and feature upgrades of the cloud with the self-security of a premise based system.


  1. BYOB(bring your own bandwidth):  Our solution is complete with redundant fiber connecting our on-premise components to our cloud system and both directly and securely to the internet.  Voice communication requires symmetric bandwidth, whereas most internet connections are asymmetric enabling higher download speeds at the sacrifice of upload.  Asymmetric does not work well with voice and may result in choppy/buffered, poor conversation quality, while competing with existing bandwidth needs, but we resolve this issue, and save expense, by bringing our dedicated connection which both assures our high quality and eliminates expensive networking complexities for hotel IT staff/vendors and providers.


  1. Cost: We are the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) which means there are no expensive software licenses and 3rd party maintenance agreements, which are passed along to properties. Our seasoned team of telecom system designers and enterprise software developers built our telco-grade system to meet the highest reliability demands of the hospitality industry and provide the platform for advanced features expected by a new generation of “anytime, anywhere” always-connected travelers.


  1. Expertise:Our staff knows the hospitality industry, Millennials, and technology. Collectively our staff has been hotel GMs, corporate brand management, business development, front desk clerks, IT staff, and everything in-between.  We know the industry, the guests, and the technology.
At Cirious Technologies we don’t just listen to our customers. We do our best to fully understand the challenges they are facing before we provide and improve the products & services that can resolve those challenges.